Rainbow Permaculture Farm

Enriching the soil naturally

Amended Top Soil

Our soil enhances soil fertility, water retention and plant growth leading to healthier landscapes and more productive gardens.

Organic compost

Organic Compost

Our organic compost adds essential nutrients, promotes robust plant growth and fosters a sustainable approach to gardening.

Worms & Castings

Worm castings and worms act as a natural superfood for the soil, promoting lush, thriving plants, gardens and agriculture.

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Years of Experience

About Us

The Very Best Soil

At Rainbow Permaculture Farms, we’re dedicated to regenerative soil practices. We’re not afraid to try out new things as we work towards a sustainable future. We believe the road to a healthier planet and vibrant food begins right under our feet, in the soil.


Success Stories

Our customer’s success stories explain the benefits of using our premium soil and worm castings!

Why use worms and worm castings?

Buy Worms

Worms improve soil structure by burrowing and casting creating channels that allow better water infiltration, root penetration, and aeration, which in turn supports healthier plant growth.

Microorganisms and nutrients present in castings make plants more resistant to diseases and pests while also promoting stronger root systems.


Animals, tilapia & Duckweed

Besides amended top soil, organic compost, worm castings and worms, we also offer animal boarding, firewood, fresh tilapia, and duckweed!

What we Offer

Quality Meets Sustainability

Our farm provides top-notch care for retired horses, ensuring their thriving well-being. Additionally, our aquaculture operations yield fresh and flavorful tilapia fillets, cultivated in pristine environments, while our use of duckweed as animal feed highlights its impressive 35% protein content. 


Our farm specializes in boarding retired horses. Your horse will thrive and be well taken care of at our farm.

Fresh Tilapia

We raise our tilapia in pristine aquaculture environments which result in fresh fillets bursting with flavor.


Duckweed boasts an impressive protein content of around 35%, making it an excellent source of protein for animal feed.


Juicy & Flavorful Meat Chickens

Bring home the juiciest and most flavorful meat chickens raised with love and care on our farm! $20 each.

Why Choose Our Meat Chickens? 

  • Locally Raised: Our chickens are raised right here on our farm, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.
  • 8 Weeks of Care: We’ve dedicated 8 weeks to nurturing these chickens as they happily roamed free on our land.
  • Hormone-Free: Unlike store bought and packaged chickens, our chickens are raised without hormones for a healthier and more natural option.