About Us

About Us

Meet the Steward of Rainbow Permaculture Farm

Welcome to Rainbow Permaculture Farms where Daniel Rojas cultivates a brighter future on 12 acres of land. His journey is rooted in the practices of permaculture, a way of life that promotes harmony between people, our planet and all living beings.  

Meet Daniel

Daniel Rojas is the owner and farmer at Permaculture Rainbow Farm. His passion for upcycling led him to permaculture. At Daniel’s farm, he turns horse manure into organic compost and top amended soil. He runs a worm farm that creates rich vermicompost. He raises tilapia that provide nutrient dense wastewater that he uses to grow duckweed, a food supplement for his chickens and tilapia.

Away from his farm, Daniel is an Environmental Health and Safety leader with over 27 years of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, consulting, construction and manufacturing industries. He is a certified OSHA General and Construction Industry Trainer.